Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Digital Immersion - Term 4

On Friday, we had our final  Manaiakalani Digital Immersion PLG of the year. I have enjoyed attending these PLG's as I've taken away something really useful every time!
The main focus of the day was how multi modal learning opportunities increase student engagement. We had a great discussion about creating multi modal and multi textual experiences for our students as this not only deepens/broadens their understanding of a topic but also allows for students of varying learning styles to connect to the material. After thinking about the learning styles of students in my class, I understood that I cannot always teach something one way and expect every student to click instantly. There are some students in my class that learn best with materials, some with visuals like videos and diagrams and there are a few that learn best when listening to an explanation by the teacher. Thus, creating multi modal/multi textual learning opportunities is a important!

Dorothy and Fiona taught us how to create a website to bring multi modal teaching into the classroom. I chose to base my website on room 13's upcoming science experiment: how to make ice cream! As this will be quite a fun experiment that will teach my class a lot about change, we will dig right in and read about it, watch videos and write about the scientific process. I will put facts, links to online stories/articles, images, recipes, videos, instructions, key words and activities on this website. I will also link the audio tracks from any School Journals/Junior Journals that feature ice cream.

I am really looking forward to putting the website to use in weeks 4 & 5. Here is a screenshot of it below! I'm looking forward to sharing the website with you once it is completed, hopefully it could be a useful tool for others!

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Room 13's New Blog

Room 13 has a new blog. This is a place where you can see some of the awesome learning and fun that goes on in my class! Each week I will showcase a different student's work and let you in on some of the events that happen at Pt England School.
Check out our blog at