Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hyperstudio Animation

Kia ora! It is now term 3, my second term here at Pt England School. This term, team 3 is creating animations that reflect a sport at the 2016 Rio Olympics - I'm very excited about this! Seeing as animations can be a little tricky, Helen King decided that it'd be an awesome idea to hold a Hyperstudio workshop for team 3 teachers. I'm pretty stoked about my animation, considering I had no clue how to use Hyperstudio before this week!

Room 13 are currently animating sports like gymnastics, swimming, archery, athletics and volleyball. I'm really looking forward to seeing their final products. As you can see below, I chose diving!


  1. hi miss scanlan I like your olympic video.

  2. Hi Miss Scanlan i like your short movie and your drawing is cool and beeter then my drawing.

  3. Hi Miss Scanlan I like your Olympics video.