Friday, 5 August 2016

Learn, Create, SHARE

Today at the Manaiakalani Digital Immersion day, Dorothy Burt led a discussion on the SHARE element of Manaiakalani's Learn, Create, Share pedagogy.  I got a lot out of today's PLG as I learnt how much of an affect that sharing can have on a student's self esteem and motivation in their learning. It is important for students to share their work with their peers as this gives them the opportunity to see each other's ideas and encourage one another. At Pt. England School, every single student has their own blog in which they use to share their work with a global audience. Teachers also blog to share their professional learning journey. 

What I loved the most about today was learning how empowered students feel when they get to share their work with a large audience. To this day I am still getting my head around how amazing it is that primary school aged children get to share their thoughts and creativity with thousands of people around the world. By having their work visible to parents, teachers, friends and others across the globe, they are given the opportunity to receive feedback and encouragement from so many more people than just their own teacher! 

As part of the day, we learnt how to make infographics to show a blog's statistics. I chose to use a programme called Canva to show the data from Leilani's blog - a student from room 13. As you can see in the infographic above, Leilani has viewers from as far as Germany and U.S.A! 

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  1. Have you shared this with Leilani? I'm sure she would be very impressed to see the audience she has for her blog.